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Baseball Themed Positively Blue Springs Show!

We love being a sponsor of Positively Blue Springs. Not only do they provide great programing about everything going on in Blue Springs, but they also gave us a chance to inform their viewers on the importance of wearing a mouthguard when playing sports. Click here to watch the baseball themed show, filmed on location at Hidden Valley Park on Jim Moran field.
In addition to educating viewers about mouthguards, we were able to share the news that we will be participating in the Back to School Fair hosted by the Community Services League on August 6, 2011. This fair provides approximately 1500 children basic school supplies to prepare them for the upcoming academic year. We will be on location doing oral screenings and passing out toothbrushes, paste and floss.
Lots of great and positive things happening in Blue Springs and at Foster Dental Care!

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Dental Implant FYI

Did you know that Foster Dental Care provides a wide range of services? In addition to providing the best General Dentistry in Blue Springs and surrounding areas we also provide Cosmetic Dentistry services, Root Canals, Dental Implants and MORE!
In this next series of blog posts we are going to take you through the assorted services we provide what those services mean to you and (hopefully) answer any questions you might have about your oral health.
What are they? What are the benefits? How can you tell if dental implants are the right choice for you?
Simply put, dental implants are a root replacement system for the purpose of replacing a lost or missing tooth. The benefits of having an implant are numerous:
• Dental Implants will never decay
• They do not affect other teeth in the mouth. You will not have to endure work on the teeth neighboring your implant as you would for a bridge or partial. In short, it is the best way to help protect other healthy teeth in your mouth!
• This is the most permanent and most cost effective measure of root replacement for the long term.

Take care of that missing tooth by getting a dental implant

If you are missing a tooth or think you might need a dental implant, schedule an appointment with your dentist. Together you can determine if a dental implant is the best choice for you. An ideal candidate for a dental implant is anyone missing a tooth with healthy bone structure. For more information, visit www.FosterDentalCare.com or call 816-228-6988.

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Foster Dental Care, Blue Springs Dentist

Here’s a video for you to learn more about our practice and meet our team!

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Foster Dental Care Supports Blue Springs South High School Booster Clubs!

The team at Foster Dental Care is proud to be involved within the community and support academics, athletics and arts. Which is why we have partnered with the Blue Springs South High School (BSSHS) Booster Clubs. For every new patient that comes to Foster Dental Care and mentions the South Booster Club between 6/1-9/30, Foster Dental Care will donate $25 to BSSHS Booster Clubs!

Blue Springs South High School, BSSHS, Foster Dental Care

$25 Donation AND a FREE Mouthguard!

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4 Summer Smile Tips

School is almost out. Summer is about to begin. To get ready for all of your summer fun, read through this quick list of dental care tips for travel and play!

Before you hit the road, visit your dentist for a checkup!

1. As you make your plans for summer, be sure to schedule a dental cleaning for your children between camps and family vacation!
2. While your kiddos are getting their teeth tickled, consider having customized mouthguards made to protect their smile while they participate in contact sports or other recreational outdoor activities.

Say Cheese! Enjoy your family vacation knowing you have a healthy smile.

3. If you are planning a summer vacation far from home or abroad, we recommend scheduling a dental checkup prior to departure. That way you can leave for your vacation knowing your oral health is in good shape and your pearly whites are polished for your photos. The last thing you want to focus on when looking at your vacation memories are your dull or discolored teeth!
4. Use a lip balm with SPF. Better yet, get your FREE lip balm from Foster Dental Care when you stop by for your cleaning!

Wishing you all a fantastic and safe summer!

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Whiten & Brighten Your Smile!

Do you whiten your teeth? What kind of whitening do you use? Over the counter products or something directly from your dentist?

KöR Whitening

Get a Whiter & Brighter Smile!

At Foster Dental Care, we have tested and researched almost every kind and type of whitening product available. Below are the products we suggest our patients use for optimum results.

We have two types of KöR Whitening Deep Bleaching products that our patients love. Both produce gleaming white smiles by utilizing customized bleach trays. The main difference between the two options are the amount of time it takes to whiten your smile. No matter which KöR Whitening product you select the outcome will leave a permanent smile on your face.

Whitening Strips, Sheer White!

Do you prefer strips over trays? Check out Sheer White!

If you prefer whitening strips to bleach trays, give SHEER WHITE! a try. These whitening strips taste great, are durable enough to wear throughout the day and produce great results without the drooling mess you might encounter with other whitening strips. SHEER WHITE! cannot be purchased over the counter, you can only get these high-power whitening strips from your dentist.

Which of these whitening products will you use? Trays or Strips? Give Foster Dental Care in Blue Springs a call today to see which whitening option is best for you. 816-228-6988

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iPad2: Referral Raffle

You could win an iPad2!

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Top Ten Reasons Why… You should get to the dentist

Top 10 reasons why YOU should get to the dentist:
1. Your dental health is a mirror to your overall health
2. You have bad breath
3. You’ve got plaque build up
4. You want a bright white smile
5. You’ve skipped a few dental visits
6. You want to prevent periodontal disease
7. Your gums are bleeding
8. You want to keep your teeth
9. You want straight healthy teeth
10. You’re never fully dressed without a smile

Give Foster Dental Care in Blue Springs, Missouri a call! We’d love to be your dental care provider! 816-228-6988

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Invisalign Special at Foster Dental Care

Foster Dental Care - Preferred Invisalign Provider in Blue Springs, MO

Call 816-228-6988 to get your dream smile!

Foster Dental Care, a Preferred Invisalign Provider in Blue Springs, has a special running on Invisalign now – June 30, 2011. To get the smile you’ve always wanted at a discounted rate, give them a call today! 816-228-6988

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