Getting to the Root of It

Continuing with our series on the assorted services we provide (and what those services mean to you) we are going to answer questions patients submitted to us concerning root canals with today’s post.

Root Canal FAQs

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Root Canal FAQs
Who usually needs a root canal?
Anyone who has tooth trauma, a large filling or large area of decay on a tooth is a potential candidate for a root canal. This procedure could be performed on a person ranging anywhere between 11 – 85 years of age.
What is a root canal?
A root canal is the removal of live infected pulp located within the hollow tubes/roots of the tooth. Once the area has been cleaned and sterilized the root canal is filled.
What is an alternative to having a root canal?
Generally if someone requires a root canal the only other treatment option is to get an extraction and dental implant.
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Before & After Root Canal

How many dental visits does a root canal require?
At Foster Dental Care, a root canal is done in one visit. The appointment usually runs about 90 minutes long.
What are common symptoms associated with a root canal?
Do not use this guide as a way to self diagnose – rather, if you are having these symptoms, call your dentist today for relief!
• Excessive or prolonged temperature sensitivity
• Spontaneous aches/pains
• Losing sleep over pain
• At times there are asymptomatic abscesses that result in a root canal procedure

All of the advancements in technology and medicine allow the dentists at Foster Dental Care to provide a relatively pain-free root canal experience. In fact, most of our patient’s fall asleep during the procedure as they are so relaxed and no longer in pain.
If you have additional questions about this topic, please feel free to sound off in the comments section below or visit Foster Dental Care in Blue Springs, Missouri.


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