Flossing 411

Get rid of plaque your toothbrush missed!

We all know that flossing is important. But, do you know why flossing is a key part of keeping your smile clean and healthy?
Flossing Facts:
• The ADA: American Dental Association® recommends that you floss at least once a day
• Brushing along with flossing is a must as flossing removes the bacteria your toothbrush misses or cannot reach
• Brushing without flossing is like washing part of your body. If you only washed 65% of your body, you still aren’t clean. The same holds true for your teeth if you skip flossing
What can happen if I skip flossing?
• You will let the plaque on your teeth that your tooth brush missed turn into tartar. Tartar build up means a trip to the dentist for a cleaning
• The longer tartar builds, the more dangerous it becomes causing irritation and inflammation of your gums (gingivitis) and can lead to periodontal disease
How do I pick out floss?
• Select floss that can get between your teeth without fraying or breaking easily
• An upgrade to flossing is incorporating the Hydro Floss into your brushing routine

Eliminate plaque your toothbrush left behind!

It has been a while since I’ve flossed…and I’ve noticed a bit of blood on the floss or on my gum line. What does this mean?
• This is your mouth’s way of showing you your gums are slightly inflamed and in desperate need of flossing to remove bacteria.
• Over time, by including flossing or Hydro Flossing into your regular routine the redness and inflammation will go away.

Incorporate flossing or Hydro Flossing into your daily regimen to help your smile last a lifetime. For more tips on how to floss, watch this video.

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A Blue Springs tradition with over 30 years dental experience, the team at Foster Dental Care is dedicated to comfort and prompt attention while creating healthy, beautiful smiles and building lasting relationships with our patients. It is our goal to make you feel satisfied with your smile.
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