February: National Children’s Dental Health Month

February is National Children’s Dental Health Month. The ADA: American Dental Association® sponsors and supports this month to raise awareness on the importance of good oral hygiene.
At Foster Dental Care, we believe that by developing good brushing habits at an early age and with regular dental visits, children can get a good start on a lifetime of healthy teeth and gums. Foster Dental Care is proud to be a partner of Dental for Kids through Stand Up Blue Springs. Dental for Kids serves more than 2,300 children annually with free dental care, dental education, outreach and supplies.

Tooth Tip: Daily brushing keeps the teeth clean, stimulates the gums and keeps the gums firm. Children of all ages should brush their teeth after eating, to remove food particles. If you cannot brush your teeth after eating, rinse your mouth thoroughly with water.

About fosterdentalcare

A Blue Springs tradition with over 30 years dental experience, the team at Foster Dental Care is dedicated to comfort and prompt attention while creating healthy, beautiful smiles and building lasting relationships with our patients. It is our goal to make you feel satisfied with your smile.
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