4 Tips for a Healthy Halloween

Four Teeth Friendly Tips for Halloween:

Tip 1: Before your child goes out for a night of trick-or-treating, a healthy dinner will help suppress your children’s overwhelming urge to eat all the Halloween candy they collect.

Tip 2: Consider going through the candy with your child. Hard, chewy or extra sweet candy tends to be the most harmful on teeth. Separate those out for healthier/tooth friendly treats.

Tip3: Set limits on when and how much candy can be consumed.  Perhaps having one to two sweets as an after dinner treat?

Tip 4: Be sure to brush teeth after candy consumption. If brushing is not an accessible option, drink milk or water to help wash away sugar and food particles from teeth.

Halloween Candy Buy Back at Foster Dental Care

Trick or Treat! Give me something good (for my teeth) to eat!

If you want to get rid of some of the candy you collect, why not donate it to a good cause like Operation Breakthrough? Foster Dental Care will be buying back all your new, wrapped candy for $1 per pound on November 1st from 4-7pm. Operation Gratitude will put the candy in their care packages that they send to our troops over the holidays. Feel free to include a card or a thank you letter to our troops. Come out and join us!

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Halloween Candy Buy Back @ Foster Dental Care

Halloween Candy Buy Back at Foster Dental Care

Prevent Cavities, Make Money & Support the Troops!

Don’t need all that Halloween candy? Well, bring it to us. We will be buying back all your new, wrapped candy for $1 per pound on November 1st from 4-7pm. All of the candy will be shipped to Operation Gratitude. They will put the candy in their care packages that they send to our troops over the holidays. Feel free to include a card or a thank you letter to our troops. Come out and join us!

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2nd Annual Dentistry From The Heart Day a Success!

We’re so thankful to those who helped make our 2nd Annual Dentistry From The Heart Event a success. In eight hours, 6 dentists were able to provide free dental care to 113 adults.  From cleanings, fillings and extractions, patients were all smiles after the event.

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Spreading Free Smiles Across Blue Springs

Please share this flyer if you know an adult without financial resources to receive dental care!  The first one hundred adults are guaranteed services, there is a goal to treat 150!

Foster Dental Care hosting Dentistry From The Heart 9/24

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Smile! Saturday appointments are coming your way.

Call 816-228-6988 to Reserve Your Appointment

To better accommodate our busy patients, we are expanding our already convenient hours to include Saturday appointments!

That’s right – in addition to our before school and after work appointments, you will be able to schedule your dental appointments on a SATURDAY!

Don’t miss out on this premium time slot – call Foster Dental Care today to reserve your Saturday dental appointment.

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Dental Screenings at Community Services League

Foster Dental Care performs dental screenings at the CSL Back to School Fair

Getting students ready for the upcoming school year!

What a wonderfully busy (and HOT) summer it has been!  We have helped student athletes find the proper mouthguard to use to protect their smile, provided the great care for all of our patients, and most recently we participated in the Community Service League’s Back to School Fair.

This past Saturday, a team of Foster Dental Care volunteers handed out toothpaste, toothbrushes and performed dental screenings on the students. It was a great day! In addition to getting their smiles checked out, over 1500 students received school supplies for the upcoming academic year!

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Getting to the Root of It

Continuing with our series on the assorted services we provide (and what those services mean to you) we are going to answer questions patients submitted to us concerning root canals with today’s post.

Root Canal FAQs

Call 816-228-6988 to learn more or make an appointment

Root Canal FAQs
Who usually needs a root canal?
Anyone who has tooth trauma, a large filling or large area of decay on a tooth is a potential candidate for a root canal. This procedure could be performed on a person ranging anywhere between 11 – 85 years of age.
What is a root canal?
A root canal is the removal of live infected pulp located within the hollow tubes/roots of the tooth. Once the area has been cleaned and sterilized the root canal is filled.
What is an alternative to having a root canal?
Generally if someone requires a root canal the only other treatment option is to get an extraction and dental implant.
Find relief from your dental pain by visiting Foster Dental Care in Blue Springs, MO

Before & After Root Canal

How many dental visits does a root canal require?
At Foster Dental Care, a root canal is done in one visit. The appointment usually runs about 90 minutes long.
What are common symptoms associated with a root canal?
Do not use this guide as a way to self diagnose – rather, if you are having these symptoms, call your dentist today for relief!
• Excessive or prolonged temperature sensitivity
• Spontaneous aches/pains
• Losing sleep over pain
• At times there are asymptomatic abscesses that result in a root canal procedure

All of the advancements in technology and medicine allow the dentists at Foster Dental Care to provide a relatively pain-free root canal experience. In fact, most of our patient’s fall asleep during the procedure as they are so relaxed and no longer in pain.
If you have additional questions about this topic, please feel free to sound off in the comments section below or visit Foster Dental Care in Blue Springs, Missouri.

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Seal Away Tooth Decay!

Sealants at Foster Dental Care

To help protect your child's teeth from decay, consider dental sealants!

Decay damages teeth permanently, which is why the team at Foster Dental Care recommends dental sealants when children (usually around 6 years old) first get their molars. However, this process is not just for children, as many adults are great candidates for dental sealants too! This quick, easy, pain-free process can save you time, money and help avoid the discomfort that accompanies cavities.

Generally, dental sealants are applied to the four back teeth in the mouth. The sealant is a clear, white or tinted shade that is not visible when talking or smiling. The process only takes 30-45minutes and is recommended to piggyback a dental cleaning appointment. The lifetime of a sealant is 5-10 years and throughout that time will act as a barrier to food and germ particles from getting into the grooves in your teeth.

Protect your teeth with Dental Sealants

Protect your teeth with Dental Sealants

Remember, the key ingredients in preventing tooth decay and maintaining a healthy mouth are:
• Brushing your teeth 2x a day
• Flossing at least once a day (better yet – use your HydroFloss!)
• A balanced diet with limited snacks
• Regular dental visits

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Digital X-Rays at Foster Dental Care

For those who are concerned about the use of dental x-rays for preventative and diagnostic measures this post is for you.

To get started, we recommend you read this article posted by the American Dental Association, followed by this article posted by Dr. Otis Brawley, chief medical officer at the American Cancer Society.

Now that you have a basic understanding of dental x-rays and the impact it has on your health, we want to share with you the safe x-ray practices at Foster Dental Care. We use a digital x-ray to capture the images of our patient’s mouths. As you read in the ADA article there are many benefits to this type of x-ray:

Digital X-rays at Foster Dental Care

Digital x-rays produce less radiation than a standard dental x-ray

• Less waste
• Images populate instantly
o This allows the dentist and hygienist detect problems easier and faster.
o Dr. Foster and Dr. Spencer can accurately detect hidden dental abnormalities and create a proper treatment plan.
o You can check out your own x-rays on the TV screen in your treatment room.
Less radiation for the patient
o Radiation reduced 80-90% compared to the already low exposure of traditional dental x-rays!
o Did you know, only 20% of Missouri dentists use this type of dental equipment?
• We are proud to be one of the dental practices that offer this type of dental x-ray.
For those patients who are still uneasy, we have a lead collar/thyroid shield on hand that can be used when taking dental x-rays. This practice is unnecessary as most radiologists are not worried that dental X-rays are a significant cause of thyroid cancer.

We will be happy to address any more questions you have on this topic at your next visit to Foster Dental Care in Blue Springs.

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Oral Cancer Screening: Standard Practice at Foster Dental Care

It is our goal to make sure patients leave each dental visit satisfied with their smile, educated about how to keep their smile healthy and know they have received the best care possible.  One way we do this is by performing an oral cancer screening at every 6-month dental cleaning appointment.

Schedule your 6-Month Cleaning and get your Oral Cancer Screening too!

We did not realize the practice of screening was uncommon as a lot of patients called to thank us for providing this service after watching the oral cancer segment on Dr. Oz!  “The Dental Office is your first line of defense when it comes to oral cancer”. Could not have said it any better!

What are you waiting for? Call 816-228-6988 to schedule your dental hygiene appointment and your oral cancer screening today!

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